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You will be astonished by the array of wonderful things to do within a twenty mile radius of your door 


Lake Champlain 


Lake Champlain is one of America's most beautiful lakes. With the Green Mountains to the east and the Adirondacks to the west, it provides endless recreational opportunities; boating, biking, kayaking, swimming, fishing, ferry rides, and endless exploration.




Charlotte’s Town Link Trail runs directly from the Inn to the top of Mt. Philo & the Charlotte Town Beach, that is, from Charlotte’s highest elevation to its lowest. The absolute gem of the region is Mount Philo State Park, Vermont's first state park and still its most popular for good reason; Mt. Philo has one of the most breathtaking views found anywhere in the Northeast and it's just up the road (we're on State Park Road!). One can also drive to the top. In addition, there are many other options: gentle pastoral strolls, wilderness mountain hikes, and we would be happy to give you other suggestions.  




Welcome to one of the prettiest cycling areas in the country. Directly from the Inn at Charlotte are several of Vermont's best cycling loops. You can wake up, prepare your own breakfast, have a cup of java, and then head right out your door with your bikes. Imagine no heavy bags to pack and unpack every day. Every direction from the inn offers a beautiful distinct cycling loop. We can help cyclists plan their routes and make recommendations for the hidden gems in the area! After biking, take a relaxing shower, swing in a hammock, and then head out to a local restaurant or the nightlife of Burlington.

To See, Events, Wineries, Breweries, etc.


(See links below to local restaurants.)  Vermont is known as a producer of fresh, high-quality organic foods. We are a "go local state". Long known for its cheddar and maple syrup, Vermont now produces some of the world's finest artisanal cheeses, beer, chocolate, organic produce, and other specialty food items. Foodies love it here! The Vermont Fresh Network teams local restaurants with Vermont farmers and producers. The result is a spectacular meal for you. See below for the many really close local eateries, wineries, breweries, etc., including free evening music! New in Charlotte, the Back Door Bakery , making spectacular  bread from wheat and corn grown right here in Charlotte. Spectacular!

Wine and Beer 


Vermont is well known for its microbreweries many of which are right here in the Champlain Valley: Long Trail, Magic Hat, Fiddlehead, Switchback...

But did you know that Vermont is fast becoming known for its wineries? There's even a vineyard directly across the street from the Inn that provides grapes for the Shelburne Vineyard Winery.  Support our local winery.

Restaurants (all really good!)


Painting/Drawing Workshops at the Inn with Duker Bower to be announced.  Come back soon for dates and website links. See Duker's artwork at his website bowerart.

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